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I Love My Co-op!

I Love My Co-op!

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Adriane Tallahassee, Florida

“My family started here, and continues to grow and thrive thanks to the wonderful people, products, and community New Leaf has provided. I love my co-op.”

Final Rating

3.6 out of 5 (903 Votes)

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  • Heather1
    Heather1 · 1534 days ago

    Can you please stop giving the other photos one star ratings

  • Michelle · 1521 days ago

    Please stop bringing down Hank’s score :-( Not very nice! He’s too sweet!!!

  • Brynn · 1521 days ago

    #1 Co-op baby! Hank’s parents met while working at their co-op, fell in love, got married, and …had the cutest little boy ever!

  • Adriane
    Adriane · 1521 days ago

    100% ORGANIC BABY!

  • Katie H · 1515 days ago

    Hank is the cutest baby on earth!!!

  • Brenda
    Brenda · 1514 days ago

    What a sweet baby! Is that a cloth diaper he’s wearing?

  • janice · 1510 days ago


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