Considerable deviations of body temperature from norm can arise and at excessively strong changes of ambient temperature. If, despite metabolism activation, the size теплопродукции an organism becomes less sizes теплоотдачи, there is the fall of the body temperature which have received the name of overcooling, or гипотермии. Development гипотермии is promoted by the factors increasing теплоотдачу, for example, cold air, moving with the high speed, the raised humidity. Overcooling develops in three stages. During I stage, indemnification, at decrease in temperature of inhabitancy decreases теплоотдача and increases теплопродукция, but it is not enough these mechanisms for preservation of normal body temperature. In II stage, transitive, owing to infringement of mechanisms of thermoregulation peripheral vessels extend, therefore теплоотдача body temperature increases also starts to go down quickly. In III stage, декомпенсации, теплоотдача even more increases, and теплопродукция decreases, owing to what the organism becomes пойкилотермным and accepts ambient temperature. During this period activity ЦНС decreases and there is a dream, there is a breath and blood circulation oppression. Artificial гипотермию use at carrying out of some operations for increase of resistance of an organism to a lack of oxygen and the reduction of a dose necessary for operation of narcotics. As properties of nervous processes understand such characteristics of excitation and braking, as force, steadiness and mobility of these processes. diclofenac dr 75mg Carafate prescription assistance program

It Happens Every Time

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“Live-action-stop-motion short about the westside Bloomingfoods! Music royalty free.”

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