Липиды are difficult aethers of glycerine and the higher fat acids. Fat acids happen sated and nonsaturated (containing one and more double communications). Липиды play an organism a power and plastic role. At the expense of oxidation of fats it is provided about 50 % of requirement for energy of an adult organism. Fats serve as a reserve of a food of an organism, their stocks at the person on the average make 10 - 20 % from weight of a body. From them about half are in hypodermic fatty клетчатке, a significant amount is postponed in the big epiploon, околопочечной клетчатке and between muscles. In a hunger condition, at action on a cold organism, at physical or psychoemotional loading there is an intensive splitting of the reserved fats. In the conditions of rest after food intake occurs ресинтез and adjournment липидов in depot. The main power role is played by neutral fats - триглицериды, and plastic carry out фосфолипиды, cholesterol and fat acids which carry out functions of structural components of cellular membranes, are a part липопротеидов, are predecessors of steroid hormones, bilious acids and простагландинов. 2. Are specific, i.e. are peculiar to all representatives of the given kind. Price of zoloft generic The unit of measure of energy usually applied in biology and medicine, - a calorie (кал). It is defined as the quantity of energy necessary for rise in temperature 1 г of water on ГС. In the International system of units (SI) at measurement of power sizes is used joule (1 kcal = 4,19 кДж).

Livin’ Life Electric

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BasinElectricPowerCooperative Bismarck, North Dakota

“Basin Electric Power Cooperative was started in 1961 by farmers and ranchers who wanted electricity in rural areas.

Today, Basin Electric makes electricity and sells it to our member co-ops across a nine state region. We serve 2.8 million consumers with cost effective wholesale energy. Our members are our owners!

Decades ago, Basin Electric took a proactive approach to protecting the quality and diversity of our environment, a legacy that continues today.”

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  • DaveAllard · 1583 days ago

    Too Funny! 5 stars from me! Props to the video stars.

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