Sharing and Caring Since 1941

Sharing and Caring Since 1941

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Silver Spring Nursery School
Silver Spring Nursery School Silver Spring, Maryland

“At Silver Spring Nursery School, teachers and parents work together to provide a secure, relaxed atmosphere where each child can progress at his or her own pace.
Our program allows children to learn through play and to create an environment that is supportive and stimulating. Our goal is to help children to develop a healthy sense of identity and self-esteem by discovering their emotional, intellectual, physical and social strengths. We offer an environment that is rich in possibilities for exploring, enhancing their curiosity, learning flexibility, understanding differences, learning problem solving, thinking creatively, making choices, and accepting responsibilities. “

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  • Jennifer13
    Jennifer13 · 2952 days ago

    As we near election day, while waiting to cast a vote for your Presidential candidate of choice, please consider voting for your coop preschool of choice…vote DAILY and be proud that YOU ROCK!

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