In process of delay of a conditioned reflex excitation concentrates all in more limited zone of a bark to which the irritation is addressed. This phenomenon carries the name of concentration of exciting process. In case of development дифференцировочного braking, it also limits иррадиацию excitation. The adaptation of animals and the person to changing living conditions in environment is provided with activity of nervous system and realised through reflex activity. In the course of evolution have arisen наследственно the fixed reactions (unconditioned reflexes) which unite and co-ordinate functions of various bodies, carry out organism adaptation. The person and the higher animals in the course of individual life has qualitatively new reflex reactions which I. P.Pavlov named conditioned reflexes, including their the perfect form of the adaptation. While rather simple forms of nervous activity define reflex regulation of a homeostasis and vegetative functions of an organism, the higher nervous activity (ВНД) provides difficult individual forms of behaviour in changing living conditions. ВНД it is realised at the expense of dominating influence of a bark on all underlaying structures of the central nervous system. The basic processes dynamically replacing each other in ЦНС, excitation and braking processes are. Depending on their parity, force and localisation operating influences of a bark are under construction. Functional unit ВНД is the conditioned reflex. diflucan 6.ноотропные means;

The Little Merc-maid

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Anthony Emerson, Nebraska

“Come with us on an undersea voyage to see where the Little Merc-maid prefers to shop for her fresh & organic foods. Join her as she discovers that her favorite place to get groceries offers a whole lot more than healthy delicious food.

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