There are two theories of colour sight. The first - the three-componental theory of colour sensation of G.Gelmgoltsa uses the greatest recognition. According to this theory in a retina there are three kinds колбочек, separately perceiving red, green and blue-violet colours. Various combinations of excitation колбочек lead to sensation of intermediate colours. Uniform excitation of all three kinds колбочек gives sensation of white colour. Black colour is felt in the event that колбочки are not raised. Biotransformation of medical products passes in two phases: 1st phase - oxidation, гидроксилирование is микросомальные and немикросомальные reactions in which result groups - are formed,-SOON,-N, Н2; 2nd phase - connection of these substances with глюкуроновой acid, sulphates, глицином and formation water-soluble конъюгатов which are easily deduced from an organism with калом and urine. Such way an estrogen, a progesterone, drugs, амидопирин, салицилаты, antibiotics and other preparations leave. Инкреторная, or внутрисекреторная, function consists in development of some the hormones, making regulating impact on motor, секреторную and всасывательную functions of a gastroenteric path. It гастрин, секретин, holetsistokinin-pankreozimin, мотилин, etc. dulcolax



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