[A picture: i_034.jpg] The first нейроны проводникового department проприоцептивного the analyzer settle down in spinal ганглиях. Аксоны nervous cages as a part of Gaulle's bunches (gentle) иБурдаха (клиновидного) through back columns reach corresponding kernels of an oblong brain where the second settle down нейроны. Further after a recross as a part of a medial loop reach the third нейронов, located in вентральном заднелатеральном and заднемедиальном kernels of a visual hillock, whence the information arrives in соматосенсорную area of a bark and area сильвиевой furrows (With, - With, 2). Thanks to the above described specific way muscle position is realised. 2.транквилизаторы, The medicinal substances causing increase of deducing from an organism of urine and reduction of the maintenance of a liquid in fabrics, are called as diuretics, or диуретиками. These substances are applied at hypostases of a various origin (especially at chronic insufficiency of blood circulation, a cirrhosis), at sharp анурии or олигурии, at increase of arterial pressure, a glaucoma and other diseases. Diuretic preparations have different mechanisms of action and render диуретический effect, influencing different sites нефрона.



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