of systems of regulation of breath. Thus, instead of the term the respiratory centre circle of blood circulation, or volume The essential role in a metabolism is played by vitamins and their analogues (vitamin A, vitamin В1).При the pathological processes demanding improvement of a carbohydrate exchange, is applied кокарбоксилаза which is простетической group (коферментом) the enzymes participating in processes of a carbohydrate exchange. The carbohydrate exchange is improved by nicotinic acid (vitamin РР) which is простетической group of the enzymes which are carrying out oxidation-reduction processes. Пиридоксин (vitamin В6) is a part of the enzymes which are carrying out декарбоксилирование and reamination of amino acids, participates in an exchange триптофана, methionine, цистеина, глутаминовой идругих amino acids. Цианокобаламин (vitamin В12) is the factor of growth necessary for normal кроветворения and maturing эритроцитов, participates in formation холина, methionine, креатина, nucleinic acids. This vitamin in an organism of animals is not formed, its synthesis in the nature is carried out by the microorganisms living in intestines. Lipoevaja acid is коферментом, participating in oxidising декарбоксилировании пировиноградной acids and a-ketokislot, and plays an important role in a power exchange. In regulation oxidation-reduction процесов, a carbohydrate exchange, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) participates in regeneration of fabrics and in formation of steroid hormones. Эргокальциферол (vitamin D2) regulates the phosphorus and calcium exchange, promotes всасыванию these substances intestines and to their adjournment in growing bones. Vitamin E and the connections close to him by the chemical nature and biological action (токоферолы), participate in biosynthesis гема and fibers, are applied at muscular dystrophies. For парентерального a food use a number of the preparations which are solutions of amino acids and elementary пептидов (гидролизин, аминокровин, фибриносол, etc.) . Metabolic processes stimulate derivatives пиримидина and тиазолина. Orotovaja acid is one of predecessors пиримидиновых нуклеотидов, a part nucleinic acids which participate in synthesis of albuminous molecules, is applied as the general stimulator of exchange processes. as a result plasma leaves directly through a liver capsule in a belly cavity. From всасывания Naзависит transport of amino acids, glucose and.



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