In experiments on animals it has been shown, what, using g-oksibutirat sodium (ГОМК), it is possible to create deep гипотермию with preservation of warm activity at temperature more low 10? With, and also гипотермию with wakefulness preservation (to 10-20°С) at which the animal is capable to support a normal pose to keep reflex activity, thus on ЭЭГ bioelectric activity, characteristic for the wakefulness period is registered. Application ГОМК in a combination with гидрохиноном and glycerine allows to reach conditions long гипотермии (4 days at level 20 - 25°С). 3. The zvukovosprinimajushchy device (an internal ear). Интероцепторы are presented in an organism by the free nervous terminations and specialised инкапсулированными receptors, for example little bodies of Fatera-Pachini. Hormones of a bark of adrenal glands, hypophysis, thyroid gland, серотонин, ацетилхолин strengthen всасывание, and гистамин and especially соматостатин - slow down.


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