gastric juice At the adult a pancreas consists in formation and allocation in a duodenal gut 1,5 - 2,0 l of pancreatic juice. ventolin asma salts, at the According to the theory of the balanced food (A.A.Pokrovsky) - a high-grade food is characterised by optimum conformity of quantity and parities of all components of food to physiological requirements of an organism. The accepted food should fill power expenses of the person which are defined as the sum of the basic exchange, specific dynamic action of food and power consumption for performed work taking into account its comprehensibility. At regular excess of daily caloric content of food over energy expenses there is an increase in quantity of the deposited fat. For example, the daily use a lot of one rich roll (300 kcal) within a year can lead to adjournment of fat of 5,4 10,8 kg. In a diet fibers, fats and carbohydrates should be balanced. The average parity of their power value should make - 15:30:55 % that provides power and plastic requirements of an organism. Fibers with irreplaceable and заменимымиаминокислотами, fats with a different saturation of fat acids, carbohydrates with different number мономеров and presence of ballast substances (cellulose, pectin, etc.) should be balanced. The empty stomach possesses some tone. Periodically there is its reduction (a hungry motility) which is replaced by a rest condition. This kind of reduction of muscles is connected with sensation of hunger. Right after food intake there is a relaxation of smooth muscles of a wall of a stomach (food рецептивная a relaxation). After a while that depends on a food kind, stomach reduction begins. Distinguish перистальтические, систолические and tonic reductions of a stomach. Peristaltichesky movements are carried out at the expense of reduction of circular muscles of a stomach. Reductions of muscles begin on the big curvature in immediate proximity from a gullet where the driver of a rhythm is localised кардиальный. In препилорической parts the second driver of a rhythm is localised. Reductions of muscles дистальной parts антрального department and пилоруса represent систолические reductions. These movements provide transition of a contained stomach in a duodenal gut. Tonic reductions are caused by change of a tone of muscles. In a stomach are possible as well антиперистальтические movements which are observed at the vomiting certificate. Vomiting is complex-reflex координированный impellent process, in normal conditions carrying out protective function in which result from an organism substances harmful to it leave.


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