adalat Not digestive functions печениУчастие in a carbohydrate exchange Because the basic representative of preparations of this group - пирацетам is synthetic analogue brake медиатора ГАМК, probably, that пирацетам is capable to strengthen brake processes in a brain. Besides, this preparation strengthens synthesis дофамина and raises level норадреналина, some ноотропы increase the maintenance ацетилхолина and серотонина in a nervous fabric. Feature ноотропов is their stimulating influence on metabolic and biopower processes in nervous cages. At the diseases of a gastroenteric path accompanied by a spasm of smooth muscles (spastic колиты, пилороспазм, cholecystitises), are applied medicinal substances, on the contrary, lowering a tone of smooth muscles. Such action possess спазмолитические means (but-shpa) and холинолитические preparations (atropine, метацин).


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