3.система carrying over иминокислот (пролина) Impulses from холодовых receptors arrive in a spinal cord on миелинизированным to fibres of type A-delta, and from thermal - on немиелинизированным to fibres of type of S.Tam there are the second нейроны from which begins спиноталамический a path which is crossing in each segment of a spinal cord and coming to an end in вентробазальных kernels of a visual hillock. The part of the temperature information arrives in сенсомоторную a zone of a bark of the big hemispheres, and a part - in гипоталамические the thermoregulation centres. Influencing media even systems of various departments of a brain psychotropic preparations, it is possible to cause not only strengthening or oppression of exciting and brake processes, but also changes from mentality, intellectual working capacity and emotional behaviour of the patient. Viagra cost blue cross blue shield


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