Хеморецепторы is the all fabric receptors perceiving various chemical irritants; receptors аортальной and синокаротидной рефлексогенных the zones, responsible for changes of a chemical compound of blood washing them, mucous membranes of a digestive path and respiratory organs; receptors of serous covers, гипоталамуса, an oblong brain. Price of excel 2013 Plan b skate online For heat dispersion конвекцией the flow of a surface of a body a stream of air with lower temperature is required. Layer of air directly contacting to a skin heats up, reduces the density, rises and replaced with colder and dense air. In conditions when air temperature is equal 20°С, and relative humidity - 40 - 60 %, the body of the adult person disseminates in environment by теплопроведения and конвекции nearby 25 - 30 % of heat. The quantity given конвекцией heat increases at increase of speed of movement of air streams (a wind, ventilation).


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