Over кортиевым body there is текториальная (integumentary) membrane - желеобразная the weight connected with кортиевым by body and with an internal wall of a snail. Стереоцилии external and, possibly, internal волосковых cages contact with текториальной a membrane. At movement of the basic membrane the integumentary membrane bends hairs рецепторных cages, influencing in a greater degree on external волосковые cages, than the internal. As a result of deformation of hairs there is an excitation волосковых cages. The liver is the gland of external secretion allocating the secret in a duodenal gut. The name it has received from a word "furnace", as in a liver the high temperature in comparison with other bodies. The liver represents the most complicated «chemical laboratory» in which there are the processes connected with formation of heat. The liver takes the most active part in digestion. Except digestive the liver carries out variety of other major functions which will be considered more low. Through it pass almost all substances, including medicinal which the same as also toxic products, are neutralised Exchange of carbohydrates Process всасывания glucose occurs as follows. Accumulating on membrane outer side энтероцита turned into intestines cavity, glucose in the presence of sodium contacts a carrier, which on an electrochemical gradient for sodium диффундирует to membrane inside. In cytoplasm it liberates sodium and glucose. Then the carrier and sodium are transported again to membrane outer side энтероцита, and the glucose which has collected in cytoashes leaves from a cage in a vessel on a concentration gradient. Concentration of sodium is supported at the expense of work volatile pump sodium-kalievogo.


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