The attention is a concentration of mental activity on certain object. By means of attention selection of the necessary information is provided. Nejrofiziologichesky mechanisms of attention are connected with displays of a rough reflex, with local processes of activation of a cerebral cortex, and also with emotional conditions and biological requirements of an organism. The selective attention is possible only at a condition raised, but not excessively high wakefulness which on ЭЭГ is characterised high-frequency десинхронизированными by fluctuations of low amplitude with rare occurrence of groups of the synchronised alpha will. To diffuznym forms of attention there correspond conditions of the weakened wakefulness with accurately expressed synchronised alpha rhythms. The absent-minded attention often arises in a condition of strong excitation, thus on ЭЭГ electric activity is registered десинхронизированная high-frequency низкоамплитудная. Anatomic substratum of regulation of various forms of attention is ретикулярная the formation of a trunk of a brain, диффузная таламическая system, субталамус and гипоталамус. Nonspecific таламическая the system is considered as the filtering mechanism possessing ability to switch attention from one irritants on others. Associative zones of a bark are the central link in system of the mechanisms regulating selection of the information, selective forms of perception, attention and consciousness. Where can i get lotrisone cream Some high-molecular substances are transported by эндоцитоза (пиноцитоза and фагоцитоза). This mechanism consists that the membrane энтероцита surrounds soaked up substance with formation of a vial which plunges into cytoplasm, and then passes to базальной cage surfaces where the substance concluded in a vial is thrown out from энтероцита. This type of transport matters at carrying over at the newborn of fibers, antibodies, vitamins, enzymes of chest milk. Dangdut koplo monata arjuna buaya


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