Analytical and synthetic activity of a cerebral cortex Mechanisms всасывания To ноцицепторам carry free немиелинизированные the nervous terminations forming textures round bodies, in a skin and muscles. On 1 см2поверхности skin it is necessary 100 - 200 painful receptors. Нейролептики have calming an effect with reduction of reaction by external stimulus, easing of psychomotor excitation and intensity. They suppress sensation of fear, delirium, hallucinations. The action mechanism нейролептиков is based on their oppressing action on ретикулярную a formation and its activating influence on a bark of the big hemispheres, and also on interaction нейролептиков with media even systems of a brain: adren - serotonin - holin - ГАМКи especially with дофаминергическими.
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